Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Steinway M 260046 Soundboard Built

Sitka spruce from Washington State is the beginning of a new Soundboard. The wood is quarter sawn, straight grained and clear of any defects. 15 pieces are selected, grain oriantation determined, and cut to length needed. I edge glue 3-4 pieces together, then thickness plane them to the desired thickness. Then these 4 pieces are glued together.
The ribs are also made of quarter sawn spruce. They are planed to proper height and width, and are shaped and thinned at the ends. I personally hand fit the ribs into the slots cut in the rim for a solid tight fit. The location of the ribs are indexed, and finally the ribs are glued to the soundboard panel.
Prior to having the ribs attached, The soundboard panel is cut and shaped to fit precisly in the piano rim. It is also dried to 5% moisture content before bing pressed.

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