Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Steinway 411101 Sound Board installed

Gluing the soundboard to the rim requires quite a few clamps, as is in evidence in the picture. I use liquid hide glue for this application, as it has a long open work time, and is easily reversable, in case some one wants to install a new soundboard in the future.
Trim pieces are glued in place, the front edge of the board is trimmed flush, and the board is given a final sanding before the piano is masked, and lacquer sprayed.
The piano is currently at the refinishers getting a beautiful satin black finish applied. This is about a two month process.

Busy Tuning Month

I haven't posted for a while as December was a very busy month tuning pianos. I tuned over 100 pianos between Thanksgiving and Christmas, working 10-11 hour days six days a week. This past week I have been tuning pianos at Messiah College. I am looking forward to getting into a bit more relaxed schedule beginning this week. 2012 was a good year for Hess piano Co, with a good amount of shop work, and a total of 777 piano tunings.