Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Steinway A 280251 Pinblock Fit to plate

Installing a new pinblock requires the rebuilder to mate the wooden pinblock perfectly to the cast iron plate. I a Steinway it also needs to be perfectly fit toe the case, with ends tight and the front mated with the stretcher. The pinblock must also be the correct thickness and also located correctly both side to side and front and back. The pictures below tell some of the story.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Steinway A 280251 Bridge work

This post will review re-capping the bridges. In summery, the bridge pins are removed, patterns are made, and then the caps of the bridges are removed with the band saw. The original bridge bodies are then reused by filling the old holes with wooden pegs, and gluing a new cap of quarter sawn hard rock maple. At a later time the caps will be planed to the correct thickness (setting the bearing) and the patterns will be used to locate the new bridge pins.
Pins have been removed, and pattern has been made and indexed.
Caps removed, and old pin holes filled.
After bridge body has been planed, new cap is prepared, and then glued to original bridge body.