Thursday, June 13, 2013

Steinway D 411101

The Model D Steinway returned from the refinisher two weeks ago. This is about a month later than I anticipated. But excellent work is worth waiting for. The satin ebony finish is beautiful. Since then, the piano has been strung and the damper work has been completed. I am now in the process of restoring the action. I typically wait to do the action work until after I have the piano strung and the dampers installed. I use the old action to tune the piano multiple time to get it up to pitch,and this allows the piano to begin settling in while I do the action work.
At the top, the key frame and action frame are stripped of the old parts, cleaned and ready for installation of new parts. Center, the keys have the old tops removed. New key bushings are also to be installed. The old key leads must also be removed in preparation of installing Precision Touch Design. Bottom, Refinished piano with new strings and Damper system.