Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Steinway A Veneering Complete

After the checks were veneered, I also put new veneer on the top of the rim. This is much easier as it is a flat surface. The original veneer was removed by a previous refinisher, and not replaced. Also the rim edges were rounded excessively, which required some repair to the rim. The completed reveneering task is very rewarding and makes for a professional repair that was left undone by a previous rebuilder.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Steinway A Re-veneering

The Steinway A had some very poor body work done on it by a previous rebuilder. All the edges of the case were severely rounded. To repair this mistake, I have removed the edge veneer, filled the sides with polyester filler, and then applied new veneer. The cheeks were the first to be done. You work from the bottom and work up so that the top layer covers the top edge of the veneer below. Clamping is a bit tricky. The pics show you how I accomplish the clamping of tightbond II extend glue.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mason BB Returned to ESU

This week brought to near completion the Mason BB project. It was returned to ESU with the plate removed. The elevator to the second floor is too small to fit the piano unless it was turned on it's front edge, which is extremely difficult with the weight of the plate in the piano, hence the piano was returned with the plate removed. That meant that we had to reassemble the piano after it was in place in the teaching studio. I spent two days in E. Stroudsburg stringing the pianos and installing the dampers. I will need to make one final trip to fine regulate the dampers after the action work is completed.