Friday, April 12, 2013

Steinway M 252119 pinblock fit and installed

When installing a new pinblock, it is necessary to fit the block not only to the plate, but also into the piano. A Steinway pinblock is a full fit, which means it must be the exact size to fit in the piano, tight on both sides and tight to the stretcher. The original pinblock is used as a pattern for cutting the new pinblock from a blank panel, and for determining the starting thickness. After cutting the blank it needs to be fit to the plate. I fit the pinblock not only to the face of the plate, but also to the web of the plate. When the pinblock has been fit to the plate, it is ready to be fit into the rim of the piano. With the pinblock attached to the plate, the plate must also be set to the correct height and location front to back, and side to side. Now that the pinblock is fit and installed, I can proceed with the bridge work.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Steinway M 252119 Soundboard pressed

After the soundboard panel has been assembled, and rough cut to shape, it is dried to 5% EMC. While the board is drying, the ribs are cut to dimension and length, and hand fitted into the rim of the piano. The dried board is hand fitted into the inner rim, and then is indexed to the ribs. The old board is then indexed to the new panel, and the necessary holes are drilled into the new panel, using the old board as a guide. The rib lay out is transferred onto the new panel, and the panel sealed with shellac. Finally, the ribs are glued to the new board, using the index holes to locate them so that they will fit into the piano rim at their proper place.