Monday, May 11, 2020

Steinway D Belly Work Completed

This past week all the belly work was completed. It is rewarding to finally put all the new pieces together to the final assembly. Several weeks ago the new pinblock was cut out and fitted to the plate. Before the final installation the holes to receive the tuning pins also had to be drilled. The old pin block is used as a pattern.
The completed soundboard is always a beautiful picture.
The completed soundboard with the bridges attached is then glued onto the piano rim.
After the clamps are removed, the board needs some trim pieces attached, sanded, and finish applied.
Finally, the plate is reinstalled, and strings installed.
AAHHHH. Finished

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Steinway D Bridge Work

This week I have completed installing new bridge caps on the original bridge body. The first step was to remove the old caps using a table saw. The process is a bit more complicated that normal, as the treble bridge and bass bridge are one piece, rather than 2 separate pieces. After the old caps are removed the top is planed and new hard maple caps are glued to the original body.
The next step is setting the bearing. That involves determining the correct thickness of the bridge cap to accommodate proper down bearing on the soundboard after the piano is string. After the proper thickness is determined, the top is planed to that thickness. The final steps are to drill the new holes for the bridge pins and to hand notch the edges. Finally new bridge pins are installed to the cap.
The completed bridges are glued to the soundboard, and the bridge is doweled throughout the ribs into the bridge.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Steinway D Soundboard

I have built the new soundboard this week. The pictures show the process of using the old board as a pattern to lay out the new ribs. They are then fit into the piano, reliefs cut in ends and finally the ribs are glues to the soundboard in my pneumatic press. The process is actually very more involved than this short summery suggests.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Steinway D 149495

My newest project is well underway. The pictures show the teardown from removing strings, plate and soundboard and finally the bridges. Measurements are taken, and parts indexed to use the original parts to recreate the new soundboard and bridge caps.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Steinway M 260046 Bridge work

Part of the rebuilding process ios to recap the bridges. The old caps are sawn off the body of the bridge, and then are reproduced.
The new caps are laid out and fitted to the bridge body.
Then they are glued with many clamps!
The bridges are dry fit to the soundboard, and notches are cut into the tops of the caps to determine the proper thickness of the bridges.
After the tops of the bridges are finished,the new caps have the pins and notches located. The the bridge is then notched and pinned.
After the brigdes are glued to the new board, the ribs chamfered, and the bottom side finished, the board is glued into the piano.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Steinway M 260046 Soundboard Built

Sitka spruce from Washington State is the beginning of a new Soundboard. The wood is quarter sawn, straight grained and clear of any defects. 15 pieces are selected, grain oriantation determined, and cut to length needed. I edge glue 3-4 pieces together, then thickness plane them to the desired thickness. Then these 4 pieces are glued together.
The ribs are also made of quarter sawn spruce. They are planed to proper height and width, and are shaped and thinned at the ends. I personally hand fit the ribs into the slots cut in the rim for a solid tight fit. The location of the ribs are indexed, and finally the ribs are glued to the soundboard panel.
Prior to having the ribs attached, The soundboard panel is cut and shaped to fit precisly in the piano rim. It is also dried to 5% moisture content before bing pressed.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Steinway M 260046 tear down

Below are pictures of my most recent rebuild start. Even though I haven't added pictures recently, I have been very busy. This piano will get a total restoration with refinishing. The first picture shows the old pin block, bridges and soundboard. On the soundboard are the rough cut ribs which are the start of making a new soundboard. These will be hand fitted to the piano rim for a tight precise fit. The second picture shows the piano body with the soundboard and pinblock removed. More will follow in the coming weeks as work progresses. In the mean time parts need to be ordered.This is expected to be about a 12 month process.