Monday, February 28, 2011

Harp Progress

These past weeks have been spent sanding, finishing and now assembling harp #2. The finish is sprayed lacquer that is sanded and steel wooled to give the finish a satin luster. Hopefully I can rub the neck/pillar tomorrow and start stringing.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Regency Harp Progress

I have finally had time to get back to my harp building. The past 7 weeks have been very busy with piano tuning, for which I am thankful. Last evening I was able to glue the soundboard into the shell. Now I need to install the finish trim , final sanding and finish to complete this part of the harp. The neck/post are assembled and veneered, and also need to have final prep done before finishing. After everything is has been lacquered, it will be time to string....but that is a week or two away I am sure.

Life Interupted

It has been a long time since I last wrote. Less than a week after my last post I received a call from my wife saying the house was on fire....not the kind of call you want to get! Since the fire our lives have been turned upside down a bit. But the good new is that no one was injured. And we only had smoke damage on our half of the house. The interior of our tenants half of our house was totally destroyed. We were unable to live in our house for 10 weeks, and even though we are now living in our house, we do not have the use of our family room which housed our business office, and our wood stove. So life continues to be a bit interrupted, but life goes on, our God has been faithful to us in providing us with peace in the midst of the storm. Several attached photos shows the progress on our family room.